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What is The Vortex Coalition?

The Vortex Coalition is an elite group of players dedicated to making 2b2t a better place.

Founded in May of 2015 by Coltsnid and AmericanOreo, VoCo is the longest-running and largest group in 2b2t history, with over 150 current members, hundreds of past members, and a Discord server with over 2800 users. Since its founding, over 7000 people have applied to VoCo.

Meet The Team


Supreme Leader, Co-Founder

 Joined 2b2t in 2014.


Co-Founder, Executive

Joined 2b2t in 2015.


Sr Executive

Joined 2b2t in 2016.


Sr Executive

Joined 2b2t in 2017.



 Joined 2b2t in 2017.



Joined 2b2t in 2017.

The Vortex Coalition is the largest and oldest active group on 2b2t with over 150 members and 7000+ applications.


A lot of old players took advantage of Rusher and his fans joining . . . The Vortex Coalition I think definitely did the best . . . hats off to them, they really played that well with the new people that joined, they really grew at an exponential rate.

James Rustles

The Vortex Coalition is the friendliest group of players on 2b2t. Everyone is welcome, new and old fags alike, and with over 365 bases and dupe stashes it's almost impossible not to get together with a base of players. It's a great experience and you will never want to leave.


VoCo members can do anything. Most of the really well known players on 2b2t started in VoCo. FACT.

Hail Coltsnid, Supreme Leader.




The Vortex Coalition has really helped me understand who I am and what I can become


I joined this coalition in August after seeing that you accepted new and old players since then I have meet many new people that I am glad to call my friends I worked together with many people to make bases like VoCoBo and 420, 69, 911 and I have also made memes... lots of memes. I have genuinely enjoyed my time here


My experience with Vortex Coalition has been quit pleasent thes past couple of days, everyone has been nice aswell. Ever since the first day that i joined the discord i felt welcome and like i have already made new friends hopefully one day base mates with any number of the members, and i have no problem helping out any of the Vortex Coalition members; Elites; and any other higher up.


They accepted me when I had nothing, And helped me achieve greatness. - Llama the best member VoCo has had.

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